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Welcome to Like a Bot - the new brand from Like a Bird dedicated to supporting, implementing and hosting your chatbots!

Why Like a Bot?

We have come to believe, since 2015, that conversational robots make the perfect addition to our partners’ marketing, sales and customer service teams, helping them to more efficiently manage relations with their clients and prospective clients.

We help our clients to understand the issues associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning by explaining the opportunities that accessible models present and the pitfalls to avoid. We support them and highlight the work that needs to be done by their various teams with regards to gathering and categorising data that can then be used to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

After all, if you don’t train your machine learning models it’s not going to work for you!

2/ Pragmatism :

Are you looking to set up your first chatbot? Think about the scope of the bot:

A conversational bot should provide a specific initial service that meets a clearly identified user need. Like a Bot

What’s more, those using the chatbot ‘internally’ won’t be the only ones you need to convince; indeed, the introduction of a chatbot can be met with a certain distrust at any level of the company if it is perceived simply as an automated tool, a ‘black box’, a way of by-passing client relations, etc.

Based on an identification of initial user needs we will support you in determining and implementing an initial demonstration model that will enable you to do the following:

  • Involve your teams in building the bot and get them used to working with this new conversational agent,
  • Promote the tool internally by highlighting the benefits of such a system with an example that everyone can relate to,
  • Monitor the use of the system and the behaviours demonstrated by your community across the various channels in order to capitalise upon initial tangible indicators of use.

We will also work with your teams to ensure that the bot is able to alert and hand over to your teams should the user’s questions or aggressive behaviour require human intervention:

Iteration makes it possible to support users and your teams in using an increasingly developed and autonomous chatbot. Like a Bot

We will help you to introduce these additions in two ways:

  • By offering you our expertise when it comes to effectively incorporating new intentions that are detected in free text entries,
  • By also providing you with an editing back office that allows you to independently edit your wording and tree structures.

These are our commitments and the support we can offer, in a nutshell!

Want to know more? Or perhaps you’d like to discuss a particular project? Please get in touch here or use Bob, our chatbot assistant, in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen😊!

Enjoy exploring the possibilities!

The Like a Bot team

La satisfaction de l’utilisateur passe par un process d’escalade vers l’humain rapide et clairement défini ! Like a Bot

Cette première base vous permettra ensuite de faire évoluer sereinement le périmètre fonctionnel de manière itérative, raisonnée, et monitorée.

3. Accompagnement & amélioration continue

Grâce aux indicateurs et analytics mesurés (statistiques d’utilisation, raisons de blocage, analyse des saisies libre hors cadre...), nous donnons à nos clients les clés pour décider des modifications et ajouts les plus adaptés.

L’itération permet d’accompagner les utilisateurs et vos équipes à l’utilisation d’un chatbot de plus en plus étoffé et autonome ! Like a Bot

Nous vous assistons dans la mise en place de ces ajouts de deux manières :

- En vous proposant nos expertises pour ajouter efficacement de nouvelles intentions détectées en saisie libre,

- En vous fournissant également un backoffice d’édition vous permettant d’être autonomes sur l’édition de vos wordings et arborescences.

Voici, en quelques mots, nos engagements et notre proposition d’accompagnement !

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus ? Ou bien échanger sur un projet particulier ? N’hésitez pas à nous contacter ici ou utiliser Bob, notre chatbot assistant en bas à droite de l’écran 😊 !

Bonne découverte !

L'équipe Like a Bot

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