A chatbot designed to help your clients

Use chatbots to help humans, not to replace them!
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Our expertise
Offering the user a fluent conversational experience

We have developed a series of innovative solutions to guarantee a truly seamless and realistic conversation.

Firstly, I need to know whether you are an existing customer of our company
Yes No
Not yet, but I’m thinking of becoming one soon!
Since you are not yet a customer we’d like to invite you to check out the solutions we offer.
Automation that keeps humans at the heart of the conversation

We will develop your chatbot to handle frequent enquiries and hand over to a human when it is no longer able to manage the conversation.

Hello. I’m here to help you. I can help you to produce a credit simulation or to find out more about our insurance products.
Simulation Insurance
I have a problem with my bank card and I need help
In this instance, I will hand you over to a specialist human adviser.
Our solutions
Customer service
  • After-sales service
  • Conversational FAQ

Efficient virtual advisers to handle initial enquiries and easy escalation to a human adviser if need be.

Improving productivity and satisfaction levels

  • After-sales
  • Sales
  • Online quotation

Advisers to inform, qualify and convert potential clients into clients in various sectors.

Generating leads and gauging repercussions

  • Brand Content
  • Competions
  • Notifications

Conversational agents who will boost the brand’s exposure, foster a sense of loyalty and generate traffic to your site.

Delivering context-based content through conversations

Our commitments
Mettre l'humain au centre du processus

Impliquer les collaborateurs et les utilisateurs tout au long du développement du chatbot.

Un chatbot grandit avec vous

Rester pragmatique

Définir précisément les cas d'usage de votre chatbot pour assurer un service de qualité.

Un chatbot ne peut pas tout faire !

Vous accompagner dans le temps

Améliorer votre chatbot et le faire grandir grâce à l'outil Like a Bot Builder et nos recommandations.

Un chatbot évolue avec son utilisation

Nos expériences
Our funcitonnalities
We piece together the right technological components to create your perfect chatbot

Our proprietary framework enables you to reach all of your clients wherever they may be with no extra effort on your part.

Understanding natural language

Our team has developed various modules to ensure that free text entries can be understood, intentions detected and levels of aggression gauged.

Escalation to a human adviser

Your chatbot cannot do everything. When it comes to the most complex of tasks and more aggressive individuals it will seamlessly hand over to a human operator.


We will provide you with indicators to enable you to accurately measure the impact of your bot in accordance with the objectives you have set.